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I think I might have found a guy I’m interested in he’s sweet, caring, respectful, funny, smart, and he works hard for what he wants. He’s everything I want in a guy but I can’t help but feel like I’m messing things up. I get inside my own head and start thinking of everything that cold possibly go wrong. I can’t help but think that I’m still scarred from the heartbreak I had years ago. Every time I get close to someone I get this flash back of how I felt when I first got my heart broke. Don’t get me wrong I am completely over the guy, I wanna pursue this guy I’m talking to now but I don’t know how to stop thinking so much and just live my life as full as possible.

Any advice?!

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Go on dates with this new guy

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Don’t let the thoughts of the past control your present. Thinking of how things can go wrong is the ultimate way to sabotage yourself. Just be calm and have hope that this one will be better than the last and I hope heartbreak does not happen but if it does it’s another lesson to learn and another experience you have had but that’s okay. Just live and enjoy what could possibly go right! Don’t scare yourself. As long as he shows you he wants to be with you and is focused on you then you’ll be fine. :) take the risk! Think of all the good things that can happen instead of bad. Think positive and not negative.

Sanket @sanket

Get involved with this guy, accept the pain you have felt years ago.


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