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I think i like a girl but I’m not sure how to confess as i am a girl myself and i have never done anything like this or felt anything like this ever before so idk I am scared bec she lives just infront of my room and i see her everyday and what if she is straight and not bi, it will make everything awkward and idk what if she starts hating me or smth? I mean I don’t so she is that kind of person, she is very sweet, caring, loving and genuine and she is smart and also really balanced w everything and she is adorable but it’s just what if she is not into me like aghhh it’s confusing and I’m leaving tmw for a very long time and i won’t see her and I just don’t know whether I should tell her how I feel today before leaving or figure out everything while I’m travelling and decide that may be I should not and just ignore and let it go bec anyway after few months I’m graduating and I won’t see her ever again uff ahh I don’t want thattt
i think i am manifesting her in my life lol. Romantic, platonic…in any way idc but yeah I think I want here

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Nikunj B. @nikunj_bagaria

It happens sometimes. If you wish to discuss anything regarding it and if you feel it is leading you to overthink a lot, we can discuss it once to provide you a suggestion for the same. Let me know! Stay blessed and safe!!! :)

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Divya @divya_niki

Are you into college or school? It happens at that age. I too had the same kind of feelings! It can be managed!


Does your Maternal aunt(mom’s sis) or Paternal Aunt(dad’s sis) is having any problem in life or problem with you?


I love girls I am lesbian

Tammana @tammana_18

I would suggest you to be friend with her first and try to know her likes or dislikes and then take a step forward. Don’t rush


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