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I think I just realised how my best friend betrayed me 15 years ago. It was not much. We were barely 4 or 5 years old so I can’t blame her.
We had clay modelling competition and me being more artistic than her, had a better model. It was that of a penguin and I even remember adding some silver glitter on the paper to depict snow. Once we are done we were asked to leave first. I slightly felt uncomfortable leaving it there. My sense told me to stay for a while. Since I was done and had nothing to do I felt awkward sitting simply there so I left. Then our teacher called out students who didn’t do well or not completed to give them extra time. They called me to, I was confused since I did a very good job. When I went to my place, I was about to cry. My penguin was not there. There was a grey fence like structure instead of it in a different paper. I was looking around to see if someone took it, but all the tables it was not there. I didn’t even have extra clay. I felt horrible that day. My friend who made a butterfly won a second prize. I did feel happy for her but I was sure mine was way better than her. I didn’t realize what had happened that time. I was too innocent. I didn’t even tell anyone about it. I wanted to tell the teacher but I couldn’t because of my selective mutism. I felt even bad when I got a participation certificate. I totally forgot the whole thing for years. But then it stroke me this morning when I was thinking back about my time in school, someone deliberately took my penguin away. Back then I even wondered my friend didn’t have grey clay, so if she took my penguin, where did the clay come from. When I’m writing this I realized someone had mixed the clay model. There was a fence like structure in my place of a grey colour. Someone must have smashed it. The black and white penguin was now a grey mess. I never realized that the fence like structure was my penguin until today. It might seem like a small thing to you. It’s a small thing now. But back then it was a huge thing to me. I was a 5 year old kid who liked art, drawing, colouring, clay these kind of stuff. I just wanted someone to appreciate my talent, encourage me back then. It felt really bad. And I swear if this was done by my best friend back then, my life is a lie. I thought of her as my first ever best friend until now. She had a special place in my heart after these years. For being friends with me when I was young. Even though you might feel I’m just making baseless assumptions, I can feel strongly that she was the one who messed my model.

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Hey! It’s not an insignificant thing that you’re feeling. If it bothers you, then it bothers you. You can’t choose things that affect you. Is there any chance you can ask your best friend (maybe as a joke) if they were the ones to do so? Do this if you really want to know and wouldn’t want this to slide. Otherwise, I know it hurts and I completely understand why, is there any chance you can forgive them, solely based on the fact that they were also 4 or 5 years old and maybe made a mistake? If they haven’t wronged you apart from this ever in your life, then maybe you can find it in your heart to forgive them?

Mr_ @ali1008

Hey you are a good artist.
But i would like to say dont stop your art just u had a bad experience.
talent have no Boundaries, if you stop urself u r doing injustice.
so stay positive and some more good memories to ur life related to ur art.
hopefully u will cherish that u failed which made u more stronger.

In a battle the one who falls doesnt lose, but the one who fails to stand again is the one who lose.


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