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I think I have trichotillomania… Does anyone else struggle with this problem too? If so, how do you deal with it? I’ve been trying to minimize pulling by wearing hats and tying up my hair but it’s hard to stop completely. Also my hair seems to fall out more easily now, I hope I won’t grow bald :/

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

I think it will be really helpful if u involve your hands in something different like a fidget toy which keeps it busy there while you don’t have anything else to do. Also, try considering going to a doctor at this point if it has been happening with you a lot.

Moana @trichyme

Hey there I’ve been going through it fr 9 yes now… No u won’t go bald but pulling does affect some areas n would lead to slow growth… Also try being more aware of y n when ur pulling m too new to the technique but i think I’ve improved a bit😅
Much ❤

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