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I think I found out why women (and people in general) dislike me; I’m ugly AND confident.

See videos-

I’ve had people tell me that it’s my lack of confidence that makes women dislike me, and I’ve always denied it because I have never hesitated to do anything even if it is potentially embarassing or self-deprecating. Why else would I keep trying?

The truth is that confidence, when shown by ugly men, is found to be annoying by women. Because they believe that ugly men have no reason to be confident in themselves.

And I understand that it’s foolish to assume all women are like this, but we can safely say some (I dare say MOST) are like this. A lot of men have shared their experiences in the comments.

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Ajay Anuragi @ajayanuragi

Respectfully Disagree!


I bet you didn’t even check the videos, but ok. If you do disagree, tell me why.

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Ajay Anuragi @ajayanuragi

Yes, I didn’t cause links doesn’t work here ig.


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