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You look damn gorgeous gurl. ✨inside and out✨

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I don’t need to

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Work on fitness, healthy diet. Eat fruits, salads. Swim, jog. Read good books. Develop your skills.

Sooner or later people will notice. Invest your energy on developing yourself

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Those find you boring don’t deserve you. Aim higher. There are thousands out there who appreciate sense. Get connected with such people.


Been there, passengers of same boat. Cheer up dude. Have best of yourself within yourself

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All the time since last 15-18 years

unknown @beunique

Hey friend…

I know saying is easy but what you are going through will always process your thought like you are not okay so you start hating yourself and those thoughts will win but think on the other side why can’t you cherish yourself I know compliments & appreciations plays a vital role but why we need to seek them with others? Why can’t you pat on yourself by doing little things that can make you feel happy… You are good❤‍🩹you are beautiful in your own way trust me… You have a beautiful soul which is longing for compliments but that soul didn’t know or realize until you feel that you are beautiful in your own way… Virtual hugs my friend🫂


You are beautiful
Healthy is beautiful too

I too have faced that inferiority complex
Makes us feel as if we don’t exist when others get compliments and we don’t

Once I saw a girl with grade 2 burn marks, it hit me hard that day

There are so many things we must be grateful for
Beautiful doesn’t mean glamour and fashion
Everybody is ugly one or other way
Every person is beautiful in his/her own way.

If you want to search beautifulness search inside yourself you will get everything

Good luck 👍💓


If you keep thinking like this, you will keep feeling like this. It can only make you feel sad.
If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect getting love from someone else?

Trust me, I am going through a very bad phase of my life but still try everyday to make myself happy and positive.
Yes, everyone’s life is different. I understand. Do what you can do, learn about Law Of Attraction, do self care, practice self love, pamper yourself, workout/yoga, meditate-helps a lot with depression and anxiety. Go to shopping, lunch/dinner date, movie alone like dating yourself, eat healthy, drink a lot of water, build a hobby.

Try for one month and you will see the later. And yes again, Law Of Attraction (LOA) helps a lot to chnage someone’s life. You will get multiple videos on youtube about LOA.


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