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Miheer Sharma @zeenia

I think I don’t have someone to talk about what i feel
Not even my parents, friends ,no one
My parents use to scold me everytime sometime I feel like I am a burden on them
Sometimes they behave nicely
I am tensed i cry whole day
I don’t give back answer to my parents i control myself thinking that they are scolding me for my good
Now i stopped talking about what i feel
I stay silent spend time alone

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MarvinHGG @marvinhgg

Hi! I know you will find someone one soon to talk. However you maybe there is always someone who will like you for what you are

Asif Ali @asifali

Same here that’s why I was looking for some app and got this but here is same problem whome to talk


Hey buddy you can vent on chat , everyone feels low at some point in life


Great decision

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Tarun @tarun73

U can share with me

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