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I think I deserve this. There is a boy who is my childhood friend and we coincidentally met again after 2 years and we are again friends. We continued to be friends but I crushed on him for 2 years and in this meanwhile he was in relationship and broke up with her. He always shares about his love life with me. I feel hurt everytime he shares with me about girls he like. But I couldn’t share my feelings to him. I couldn’t move on my crush from him and today he again shared with me about his new crush. She is my junior but I felt happy for him because everyone in our class teases him with her name. I am glad he likes someone who’s gonna like him back. But I just couldn’t digest the facts he shares with me. What should I do?


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at some corner you had feeling for him, you should share with him. If its hard for you to share start sharing small.


Tell him your feelings if and only If he’s not in another relationship.


1st be sure about all the aspects
1. do u have future
2. Are u ready to take ur relation to next level
Ask questions to yourself and bring a clarity , because if just act n propose him because he ur crush , and if it doesn’t go well u have lose the friendship u have now.
Be sure before u take any action


Hon, you have to tell him one way or another. Your first priority should be you! You know something is hurting you and if you have the power to stop it then you should.but it’s easier said than done. Maybe you’re scared that what’ll be his reaction after u confess your feelings. But you have to take a chance and tell him. Otherwise it’s gonna eat you up inside,if you keep this to yourself and keep getting hurt when he talks about other girls. Maybe it’ll work out for you both ! You just have to muster a little courage. All the best 💗🌻