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I think I am going to a very dark phase. Dont know if its my pms hormones saying or general But i am losing on to people. Today I can’t point to a single person and say him/her my friend. it is very disappointing. Being an insta addict I successfully managed to go on without insta for almost 2 days as I felt I have seen enough but as I re activated it today, after just a few moments I felt that I shouldn’t have done that. Whatever effort I put as an indulgent friend I regret it sooner or later. I have come to realise that people don’t really reciprocate the efforts that i put into that relationship or friendship but doesn’t take a moment to feel enraged when i step back. This is not how I imagined things to be going. Its hard, very hard for me.

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I can relate, and honestly PMS hormones just makes it worse. it makes you feel miserable and doubtful of every action. I suggest you find a new occupation. Try to go to the gym or find a new hobby.


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