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I think for the longest time I’ve always had a companion. Someone to share all my time and thoughts with. But now I wonder if that has made me too reliant on the other person, so much so that I don’t really know how to enjoy my own company and how to just live without a backup, i.e without my “go to” person.

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Now&Me @nowandme

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to find someone you can talk to on a regular basis, heart to heart. We all crave that bonding. However, if you feel like that’s making you lose your sense of self and inhibiting you from living life on your terms, then maybe you need to take out some time in a day to spend in solitude, to see if you enjoy your own company. Maybe in the beginning you might feel lost, or alone, or even scared. But eventually, you’ll start to savour this freedom and the possibility of new experiences and new souls and new places. Don’t let the other person take away your individuality, instead try to appreciate the time spent together as well as the time spent apart from that person.

Kashika @kashika

I don’t know why, it feels like something I have done, and something what I feel. I thought I was alone in this way of thinking, but now I see that it is a problem with a lot of other people too. Once you realise how good you are as a person, you will find it easy to be with yourself, and you will not need anyone else to be your weakness or strength. :))


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