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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

i think about suicide quite often, with the holidays coming up its also pretty hard. my favorite aunt (fav person ever) was murdered (she died june 23rd, 2016 6 days before my 11th birthday) and december 26th will be her birthday, december 26th is also the day my grandma died (11 yrs ago this year) and last year on december 15th was when my grandma died from a long battle with cancer. today was the 1 yr since we put out dog down. so much is happening, alot of painful triggering dates, again i think about suicide quite often. with the time change its hurting my depression as well. today someone told me to kill myself and told me if i did it to tell him bc it would be a great day for him and that if i did it he would light a fire on the beach and dance around it. im also an addict and ive relapsed mulitple times latley and im back to smoking weed, which im on probation and am underage so still live with my parents. i have an idea of what i would do if i were to kill myself, i think about it alot and the idea of death quite honestly sounds comforting right now. i feel alone, even if people tell me they care i dont believe them. i feel lost and broken and like i can trust nobody. im sorry that was a lot. <3

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Simran @st1199

There are things which trigger us badly and we can’t do anything but remain helpless. Even if we deal with it, there is something so disheartening that we just can’t forget it.

For your depression, please visit a doctor as they are the best people to treat you. You must stop your addiction. Again it isn’t easy but if you are determined to come over it you can do it. Watch “Sanju” movie maybe you will get some motivation.
I believe both things together are making your health worse and affecting you mentally so much. I urge you to look out for some professional guidance to make your future better rather than dying which will not give you a chance to live like you want to.


yeah, people tend to say they care but like duhh. I want to tell you honestly that you might be down right now but always remember the painful pain leaves the most precious scr. Prove to the world that you are valuable and you are stronger than anyone else. prove to yourself that you will live your life happily by breathing fresh air everyday, waking up thinking about the person you loved the most, being i love, sharing people happiness.There are a lot of things you are capable and I BELIEVE IN YOU. I BELIEVE IN US. Bad experience doesn’t mean a Bad life we just have to keep on steping day by day for us to see the real beauty of surviving i this cruel world. You know what, one of the best feeling in the world that ou can be proud of is by surviving and keeping alive even though it felt like day-by-day is a pain. Keep kicking that pain until it’s gone and breath a lot of air in this world because you deserve to live and no one as in NO ONE can tell you what you should do. YOU ARE CAPABLE TO LIVE and don’t dissapoint me plss, just keep on figthing. keep on living. I LOVE YOU.


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