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Avni @avni

I think a lot of us are ill equipped in dealing with negative emotions such as sadness, anger, grief and jealousy. Like all emotions, jealousy does not necessarily have to be bad. What we dont understand that there are societal institutions that benefit from instilling a particular notion of being so that those who do not conform feel inadequate. Specifically, this usually happens when somebody is either better looking than us o is better capable in certain areas. In this day and age, women need solidarity in their own kind and jealousy in girls, to me rings as an extension of internalised patriarchy. Next time, you encounter a wave of jealousy, do not try to smother down, nor get engulfed in it.Simply,let it pass and observe, I too,have the ability to do xyz or be xyz as this person and i admire them for being this way and take my inspiration.

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