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I texted with the college student president of the committee I joined. We talked for a solid 30 minutes getting off topic, then they left me on read. I don’t know why but I’m taking this personally and I hate myself for putting faith into people. This is why I trust only myself.

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Simran @st1199


Everything shouldn’t be taken personally. You will never be satisfied with yourself.
Let some things be till the time it’s happening and get over with it. It is no where considered to having β€œfaith” on people. He was just someone whom you talked to and it ended. Ther is no commitment that he has to talk to you in any way to make you feel better.

Maybe it sounds harsh but we do need to hear the harsh reality than listening that it’s okay, it happens etc.

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Avi @avi


Agreeing with what @st1199 said, you both didn’t get into any commitment here.
Take it as you talked to a random person at a bus stand, and then you both went to your own different ways.
No one is ever permanent. And until and unless you are not going to put faith in people, you won’t be able to move ahead :)


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