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I tell you what…

I dated a guy and he cheated on me. But I am not sad of leaving him because it’s a lesson for me also I don’t want to get stuck with some guy who is not worthy of me.

Next year after my breakup, I met a guy. Just I was about to confess my feelings things got ugly and he decided not to talk to me. And he ended our friendship. I think probably it was a attraction.

After two years, I met this guy who was my classmate in my school through social media. We started talking. He lives in another state. He came here to meet me. And we were occasionally meeting. Now yesterday I asked him to get married. He said he is not earning as much as I do, also not worthy of me. He said he is not settled yet.

To be honest, I didn’t had any bf before the one I dated . And this one I thought is serious so asked him out for marriage. And now if he rejects me then I am not in a state of another break up.

I just don’t know what to do?

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