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I tell myself that maybe I’m an introvert,  I’m shy but I always wanted to be heard have a lot of friends and not be ‘just another girl’ but I don’t  think  I’ll  ever have that courage and make an effort to make my voice heard but i hope that someday i will…

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Aesi @aesi

would it be too cliche to say that im the similar?

Dancingevil @dancingevil

I can totally relate to that. And here is how i m trying to overcome same problem, i i am trying to not think about ‘not wanna be just another guy’. I am trying to just not compare myself with others. Its bad enough that other people do, but we shouldn’t do that to ourselves. I am just trying to do what i believe in…though its difficult but i have people you are motivating me. I always was afraid of losing or making a joke out of myself before trying anything new. Now i think, nobody gets it right the first time and those embarrassing moments are actually the ones that help us accept ourselves as we are… …hope that helped

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

I wish this too.


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