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I take a lot of office stress. Instead of enjoying the weekend, I get stressed because again 5 days of office. Every week day, I stay stressed 9-6. Only night time I am bit okay but that too stressed because again tomorrow office. Should I take therapy?

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What makes feel stressed about office?

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anuj @anujvohra

Pls see if you can control the office stress by managing the work. Is it work or related to something else?

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Gagandeep K. @gagandeep_ka...

Hey, hope you’re doing okay

I suppose you’re “overthinking”. I mean having repetitive thoughts related to work and not being able to spend your weekend peacefully.

I can understand it’s tiring. Working on weekdays 9-5 and then when it time for you to relax in the evening, you’re again worried because of your repetitive thoughts for tomorrow.

This feeling is even more draining and tiring. It’s okay. It happens with working professionals.

If it’s difficult for you to manage, you can reach out to me as I’m a counselling psychologist and my availability is mentioned on my profile.

Take care.

PS- therapy is meant for everyone, irrespective of one’s gender/sex. If things are little difficult for one to manage they can always reach out to a professional of thoughts and lifestyle.


I feel stressed too about my work. I would like to listen from u. Let me know if u wanna connect.


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