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qasypeia_ @qasypeia_

I survived our 1-on-1 conversation. Key points are Impostor Syndrome, early Mid-life crisis, Mindset.

By self-diagnosing, I seem to have Impostor Syndrome. It’s visible (even to my leads) but the good thing is that I identified it, acknowledged it and now all I’ve got to do is overcome it.

This thing that I’ve been into was called mid-life crisis. It’s just too early because I’m only 24 but come to think of it - if it’s “mid-life” does it mean I’ll di3 before I even reach my 50s? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Lastly, everything’s about mindset. I have to shift my mindset and find motivation again in order to be determined in life again. What is it? How to do it? Idk! HAHAHAHAHAHA

I can’t say I was relieved but I know for now that eventually they will promote me on way or another before anyone else. This is what I’ve been telling myself that there’s just something that I need to do I just don’t want to do it and now I know that I really have to do it. The last ball was not on anyone else but on me. I have to get myself together and move forward. They are helping me shape my future and I have to help them help me.

Lord, the year still has 5 months left. I got this, right? I can be the leader I needed me to be.

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