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I struggle with depression and anxiety and I I’ve been doing the best I can, climbing myself out of the hole of despair. I’ve been really good lately I’ve been trying to remain positive, me and my friend are starting a business together and I got an interview at a job that I want although its only part time its still a foot in the door, I’m doing well in school which makes me happy. But I feel like such a failure when it comes to my kids, I have three, my youngest is 3 and I was diagnostic with postpartum depression after I’ve had him. I’m doing so much better than when I initially had him, but life has just been pilling on top of me. When something good happens I get hit with some shit, divorced, moving back home, kids having to start virtural school bc the our school district is trash and I can’t afford to move. not to mention going back to school at 30 all this shit at the same time. Now my middle son whose 11 is failing and I have run out of ways to help him my mom just sits here all day and does nothing while I"m at school. So she’s no help to me or him, he won’t go to tutoring, he doesn’t do his homework, he ignores his teachers when hes in class. When I sit with him to do work he either has a tantrum or wants me to do his work for him he refuses to try, I’m at my wits end. I need help.

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