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I struggle heavily with social anxiety, and it’s something that I want to overcome. I find myself in panic mode whenever I’m in a room surrounded full of people. I don’t want it to hinder my life because I would like to make more friends and let more people in my life. I also feel sad seeing people living it up on social media and just wish I had that. It’s just difficult, and if anyone has any advice or struggles with the same thing, please let me know.

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I usually stop thinking when I panic in public. It’s been 3 years since I shared something deep and since about me to anyone coz there was no quality person who could listen to me everyone wanted to share their thoughts and don’t want to listen so it’s better to make quality friend than any friend.


Hey even i had this major issue of social anxiety to the point where sometimes i feel suffocated among people or when i have to speak in front of them. And I’m still struggling with it i feel like my whole life is surrounded by this. All of my actions are affected by this. But I’m working on it like I’m not saying I’m changing drastically but baby steps i guess? To be honest even placing an order gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. And believe me what people show on social media is not real. Don’t feel bad because of what you see. There are many people like us too. We’re living our life too. We’ll get through this. :)


Dose being hungry affects your anxiety.


Very much. I binge eat. I eat unhealthy food. And then i feel guilty afterwards


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