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I stopped one of my frnd(kaju) i dont know why ,but in lockdown iwas not in mood to talk to anyone.
As I said about my dad condition hospital n all. and . So after some months she call me text me i didn’t attend And there are many family problems which i didnt wanted to share to her that time. (Actually she used to ask me indirectly which i don’t like. ) so i just refusing her calls then her b’day came so i just msg.
She though that i got guy.for talk thats why im not talking to them .which is not true.
Actually one of my other frnd( hinu) i just tell her that i chat with guy in app.
So hinu might tell her about it for reason i was not talking.
After 2 -3months later my bday came …she didnt wish me.
Idk whether she will talk to me or not.
And to be honest i just want to clear everything but i m not intrested to call her first.
Actually i not get placed in job.
They are already in some company. May be yhats why im not intrested to call her.
Secondly my family problem .is the main reason which im not talking to her.

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Tbh sometime we need to keep our ego aside. And call her first.
I think she’ll definitely understand your situation. Tell everything you had gone through.


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