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Shivam Ahuja @shivamahuja

I stood before the mirror, 11 months ago, and thought to myself- I’d really like my body to reflect how I feel inside. A teenager weighing 108 kgs and that kid who’d always be last in line while running during sports classes- I used to be that kid.

But I decided, I wouldn’t be that person any longer - not if I could help it. And let’s face it, I definitely could.

As someone who would often inhale 4-5 ice creams in one sitting, I was oblivious to the scale at which I’d been consuming the white poison that all fitness enthusiasts dread, i.e.-sugar. My first step, after reaching out to a personal trainer and joining a gym, was to quit sugar. I witnessed immediate change. I began reducing weight steadily, going down from 108 kgs, to 104 kgs, to 102 kgs, and so on.

Simultaneously, I reinforced my efforts by charting out a legitimate diet; I’d begin the day with a generous serving of upma and fruits, following which lunch would comprise a high protein meal. Now, seeing as I’m a vegetarian, I had to resort to cottage cheese to fulfill my need for protein- thus, one meal a day would definitely consist of it in some form or the other. Furthermore, cottage cheese served to compensate and give me energy in exchange for the great muscle break-down and exertion I was undergoing whilst gymming. Apart from this, I’d incorporate curd and milk into my diet, though the latter I now consumed sans the BournVita or sugar of the days of my ignorant past. I’d conclude the day with servings of pulses and cooked vegetables, giving rotis a polite pass.

My routine at the gym would primarily involve weight training, for it facilitates muscle break-down and helps reduce fat. Having said that, I majorly ensured that I was having a good time, because my philosophy, when it comes to fitness, is that it is important to enjoy oneself, regardless of where one’s journey takes them.

Due credit must be given to my trainer here, for he motivated me at every bend in the road; so much, so that, towards the beginning of my journey, after but a few days of working out, he would point out how different I looked and how my efforts were already bearing fruit. I was moved and pleased by his determination and positivity with regard to the goal I’d set for myself.

He made me realize the value of every step taken, no matter how seemingly minute, towards the eventual goal. His optimism and resourcefulness were infectious, to the point where I decided to try my hand at Zumba, after watching it being taught in my vicinity.

Apart from this, I was an enthusiastic subscriber to the YouTube channel, BeerBiceps; many an hour were spent before my computer screen as I absorbed all the information they shared. I wouldn’t have been able to come half this way had I not had the correct information and the unending motivation from BeerBiceps and Forever Fit.

Though my weight has definitely gone down considerably, I am still struggling to streamline my effort to specific parts of my body. Something I think most Indians are victim to, is belly fat. Apart from this, we are also victim to a few unfortunate misconceptions; the notion that protein shakes are harmful, needs to be debunked. Personally, I’ve had a very positive and constructive experience with protein shakes, and they’ve truly helped a lot. Supplements, on the other hand, must be steered clear of. Neither have I ever used any, nor would I recommend their use to anyone else.

My story would be incomplete without mentioning the impact Cricket has had on my journey. Playing and watching Cricket, and watching Virat Kohli, is what gave me the motivation to go the extra mile. I’ve been playing Cricket since 5th grade, and it’s been more than just a sport to me.

All I’d like to say is that fitness is a lifestyle; it creates a positive domino effect on all aspects of your life. I’ve learnt to recognize my horizons and to find it in myself to expand them.

From a BMI of 35 then, and having come down to 68 kgs, with a reduction of 6.5”, I have come a long way. But I have farther to go still.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

This post makes me want to get up and achieve my personal body goals which I have been too lazy to accomplish. Way to go!!!


This is so inspiring Shivam. You correctly said how fitness is a lifestyle and how it creates a domino effect on all aspects of our lives. Also, very well put that fitness is supposed to be enjoyed. Kudos to you for sharing your entire journey here. I think I needed to hear it for inspiring myself and to continue my journey as well. I am 98 kgs right now and I wish to follow your steps to weight loss journey. Thanks for sharing this

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

You go boyyy! You are an inspiration❤️ You have come a long long wayyy! Keep at it?


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