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I still think about you , when I’m at work , when I’m eating , and even in my dreams. I hear your laughter , and I see your smile, but only through the glass of a memory. I see all the good times , I feel the warmth in my heart come back. Only to have to remind my self you aren’t a part of my life anymore. To my friends and family , “ I’m over you , couldn’t be happier “ but when I’m alone all I want is to feel you in my arms one more time. It’s my fault you’re gone , I’m the one who walked away. I Hope , with all of my heart that you have moved on and are happy. I hope that you don’t miss me. I hope you never think about the good times we had , the laughs , the love that we shared. I hope you can forget about me , because whenever I think about all of it , it tears me up inside

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Hey buddy don’t worry , we are all here for u…see we all been there n trust me time will heal everything…just give it time…trust after couple of days you will feel much better…up to that day just keep focus on yourself and improve yourself…and everything will be better buddy…n start enjoying life with frnds n family…n there is always better person who will find you


Hey love I can totally feel you. I can relate to every single thing as I have also ended my 7 year relationship recently, you can read my story on my profile. Personally I would tell you you did a great job putting yourself first and choosing your happiness, I am so proud of you my love. And it’s okay to feel about that person, missing that person and caring about them it happens because you loved that person so much and you always want them to be happy wherever they are. It’s okay to feel that, trust me but you will have to stop it at some time and focus on yourself and love yourself the way you loved that person. With time you will get there and I am sure you will be happy my love. More strength to you ❤.


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