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I still remember the night he told me that he didn’t want me anymore. He made it sound like it was Nothing for him, for me. Nothing. When I tried sorting things out he just brushed me off and simply said this cannot happen and left me. I was so much anxious and heartbroken for so many days… My emotional pain got converted into physical pain… I was hopeless and I used to cry for hours… I used to cry in the middle of the nights… I never got my closure… Never knew exactly what happened to me… Was i being taken advantage of this whole time??.. I don’t understand how can people be so heartless… Promising someone the whole world, feeding them on lies for so many months and then leaving them out in the cold… In the middle of nowhere… Without even considering the other person worthy of an explanation… Why don’t they understand that some of us are really vulnerable with our fragile little hearts… We don’t see manipulation coming… Anyways… The thing is that I was heartbroken I still I am but now I am much better and I don’t expect him to come back now… May none of you have to go through such heartbreak…love you all.

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Riva @rivadhingra

Sending a lot of strength and love your way ❤️


Thanks love


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