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Elegant Girl @shekhawat__

I still remember that night…when he said… “listen i promise you today will not sleep… You know dear your voice is so melodious that i fell asleep…but today I bet you i will not…”
And he slept at 2:33am …the call was on …i could hear his breathe and wanted him to hold whole night…but i can’t…
And today…the same person don’t talk to me …even don’t reply me after seeing the text … don’t listen to my voice… I think it’s far better if those nights of our never turned into day …or those nights would never come in life … because his ignoring attitude is hurting me deep inside …
I think I was or i am the only person in that bond 🙂…

And this teaches me a lesson…never get attached to someone

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That’s true ppl change with every single nap


So is it necessary…to change ourselves too?


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