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I sometimes act like I don’t care, but I actually care. I act like I wasn’t hurt, but I am hurt. I easily share my thoughts, but sometimes I can’t. Sometimes, I feel really sad and worthless, but sometimes I do not feel it, I can’t feel anything. I tried forgetting and escaping my reality by imagining and daydreaming but I’m always failing. I want to please everyone, but sometimes I don’t want to. I want to go out with friends too, but I’m too lazy to do so. I always wonder if I really have friends or people who likes me. I feel like everyone doesn’t like me. I am easily misunderstood. What is this?

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when I was reading I felt that you are talking about me each word match me what I feel the same this way what is this? idk am I handling this well or not but now one thing I know no one like or some like doesn’t matter at all first thing I need to do love myself that’s it and be myself not a person which fits in that be myself doesn’t matter what they would say good or bad won’t matter at all.


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