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I so fckin hate you from the core of my heart, i have loved you and have wasted myself, this universe just know how to break me, not a single day it had made me feel loved. From every single person I’ve crossed hates me or dislikes me, why don’t i just die,i have got no emotions left other than this zone where i stay spaced out, i had a dream and that too is taken away by these people and their presence, i am so terrified i am not gonna make it. I am so done, i am so done, i am so done i am so done i am so done from people like you. How much i hate myself for loving people like you, such a nightmare you’re i wish you find nobody to rely on, i wish you suffer and know what i get through. I don’t wish anything good for you, i don’t wish that anybody thinks you’re good, cause you’re not. I hate you i hate you i hate you for making me feel worthless. For making me feel i can’t be appreciated. For making me feel i am not special and not love. FK you were so toxic and i thought love changes people, just because of you I’ll not ever love someone the way i could have, how shitty of you, i am not going to contact you from any method spiritually too you’re dead to me. And what so fkin’ hate you.

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Yeah i am so much better than ever.


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