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I shared some secrets of my past relationship with my girlfriend last night. I thought she might be happy to know that I’m telling her everything about my past. But unfortunately she got upset and now doubts on me.
She’s saying that you always tell things late
You should have told me earlier.
I agree with her.
But I’m the kind of person who doesn’t think sometimes that it is necessary to tell some things but later when i share with her
It becomes problematic instead of making it a healthier relationship.
Now she’s saying that she has losen her trust over me😑.
I don’t want to lose her we have recently started dating.
What should I do?

Post anonymously?

Put efforts, gain her trust back!
You both will have to bend till some degree.

Hey I think you need to talk to her and tell your problem and it will be okay and be calm mate don’t be afraid to lose her afraid to pretending or putting mask or hiding your own self and stop betraying your own self just speak everything and don’t be afraid and I hope if you love her than say truth no matter how much bitter say it speak it and it will make you better okay

There is nothing to blame yourself in it trust me you are then one who handle your on life you weren’t comfortable that time you didn’t shared you are comfortable now you shared it as simple as it don’t be sorry for expressing yourself your voice is important and the things happend before she came in your life right then there is no question of trust so don’t be sad at all you done it perfectly if she lives you its here loss