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I see my parents fighting all the time. They fight over the smallest of things. Be it over clothes or food or the tv or anything. I can’t deal with it anymore. The environment at my house isn’t good. Sometimes i wonder why are they even together anymore?

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Ananya @ananya2

People stay together for various reasons. And relationships are complex! Very very complex. Nothing is as black and white as we all assume it should be. They will eventually decide what’s best for them and their family. I think you should have a conversation with either or both of your parents about how their fighting is affecting you, and maybe they’ll work on it then! Lots of love


don’t worry it’s just a phase and it’ll pass. Just don’t break down and be strong!

Mr. Anonymous @mranonymous

You can’t change what’s meant to happen. But you can choose to stay strong. Keep faith in yourself Shubhang, you’ll get through this.


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