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No one 111 @jarul

I see a lot of people saying some really pro parents things here and I just want everyone who’s parents are not as loving, committed to their happiness and yours, unaccepting of who you are as a human being, to know that not all families are great. Not all parents want and do their best for their children. Not all parents are meant to be parents and not all parents deserve gratitude. You don’t have to love your family simply because you are born into it.

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Kashika @kashika

If your parents love you enough to take good care of you and make your future secure, you’re luckier than you realise :)

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endless_thought... @whatyouthinkin_

Sometimes caring is not enough and neither it’s about securing one’s future. When parents give you trauma without thinking how it will affect your life ahead it’s really sad to cope up with it in adulthood. Since childhood I’ve coped up with my father having an affair, not giving a damn about my mother neither for us. Yes he has taken care of us financially, yes he has secured my future some way or the other. But guess what when your parent gives you an innumerable amount of trauma you can never see anything beyond it. And yet till now, I’m still going through the same trauma which I went through since last 12-15 years. Securing a future and taking care of us is their responsibility at the first place, just like in the mere future taking care of them is our responsibility. But in between this if parent thinks they can treat their family in any way they want not giving a damn about how their shitty decisions affect everyone in the family, then in my eyes you’re not a good patent at the first place.


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