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I saw some post here about “boys are toxic” “girls are toxic”…so just wanted to share my thoughts…

Toxicity isn’t inherently tied to any specific gender. It stems from a combination of individual behavior, societal norms, and personal experiences. Both men and women can exhibit toxic traits, such as manipulation, aggression, or controlling behavior. These behaviors are learned and reinforced through various factors, including upbringing, cultural influences, and social environments. Therefore, it’s crucial to address toxic behavior without attributing it solely to gender, focusing instead on promoting healthy communication, respect, and empathy across all individuals.

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Dhruv Patel @_dhrruuvvx

World is very big…

Earth is very largest
And there are large continent’s in it and in that there’s large countries and in that there are big cities and states and in that there are some area in which you live…

It means you haven’t seen the world yet
And judging one other from getting experience from that small area…

Go outside meet many people
Make connection and relation’s
Get new experiences

This world and life very very large and explorable…

People live in their comfort zone and judging meaninglessly.

I am not saying pointing out to you when I say YOU…

But am just saying.


Sorry, Misunderstandings had taken place.
My Bad


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