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I said something really hurtful to someone in the spur of anger… n I am suffering just as much as dat person… I wish I could take doz words back … I have apologized but I crossed some major limits. I just … I knw no mater wat, things not gonna be d same… n feel horrible abt my behavior. I was so hurt at that moment …I just lashed out.

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Piyush Ghumbre @piyush__

I can’t explain but I’ll give my personal example
Even I have a friend who has anger issues he gets angry within fraction of seconds but after a while he realizes he comes to a apology and just keep trying until he makes that person happy again…he’s my best friend and even sometimes he says a lot in anger but he knows me very well so then he just keep annoying my and do some wierd stuff so I will accept his apology

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definitely @el_gato_16

I think apologizing would be the best, and if your friend still doesn’t accept your apology, then i don’t think you can do anything else ┐(´ー`)┌ just take this as a lesson and move on


Say srry just simple plain srry…if tht person is mature he will accept ur apology


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