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I remember those days when we used to talk daily to each other and gradually I started loving her she was just like me I felt like she’s the one for me. One day I told her about my all feelings and she denied not by not saying it directly she stopped texting me, stopped giving me reply on my messages. I called her and asked I did something wrong? She said that she wants a break from social media but I can her daily updates and activeness on every platform.
Idk why it’s bothering me so much it gives regretful thoughts every time I think about it.
Can someone please help me it or tell me that I did something by expressing my feelings for her.


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First of all, you did nothing wrong. Remember that.
Maybe she is scared to admit how she feels. It is not easy to tell someone how you feel about her and vice versa or how they make you feel. You are very brave for telling her. Maybe she is just overwhelmed? Doesn’t know where to go from this? I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’m sure she will come around. Just be patient and keep your head up high🙂


I was okay with both of the conditions rather she say yes or no I would respect her decision but she left me at the middle of no where I asked her multiple times but it hurts when she totally ignore my messages and lie to me calls.
At least I was expecting a reason but I did’nt get that.


Is it possible she is unsure of how she feels about you? Maybe she is trying to figure out how she feels about you so she could give you a definite answer?


I told her that she can take her time I won’t force you for anything but she didn’t even replied to me.


Love is a complicated thing. Maybe try to distract yourself? Distract your mind? because you aren’t doing yourself any favours just by constantly worrying about it. Maybe this is a sign? That she isn’t the one as you so claim?