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Sophie @sophiehope

I remember every time we said I love you we would fight on who loves each other more. I guess now I know I really won all those times. You never loved me for me you loved me for my body. It hurts because I pursued it with you because you were the nice guy. The safe guy, you were supposed to care for me and not use me. But you proved me wrong nice guys are still horrible. Maybe all guys are flawed in the way that when they see a pretty girl they have uncontrollable thoughts. I just thought you were different but now that I think about it how did I not see the red flags. I am in disbelief that this is how we ended and I am in pain. I feel broken and unwanted, I don’t want to be here I would rather be dead than have to see you everyday. Which you don’t even look my way so why did we ever say I love you
I really really really did love you. Maybe it’s because you were my first love but either way love is serious. You played with me and my heart like I was disposable. Then you acted more like I nothing and disposed of me when you thought I was too much. My life is falling apart and I needed you but you left me and my heart shattered. Anther guy came and put the pieces back together and I told him he would never have a chance because of you. I dismissed him for you when you wouldn’t even talk to me. You told everyone I was insane but how so. I will never forgive you for what you did.

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