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Karthik Kumar @karthikkuma...

I recently wrote a poem about my daily struggles with life and wanted to share with you all. I hope this isn’t my last poem. I will continue to write as long as I live!!

I wander in the dark abyss of pain
Where life and death seem equally in vain
I have no courage to embrace or flee
The fate that binds me to this misery…

The gods and goddesses have turned away
And left me in this endless night and day
I have no faith to guide me or to save
I only feel the anger of the grave…

I speak in vain, I utter absurd things
I have no hope of what the future brings
I do not know what sin has brought me here
I only know I am a wretch in fear…

Am I a bad person? I never was
I only sought to live by nature’s laws
But now I’m in this deep and dreadful hell
And cannot find a way to break the spell…

If I could get out of this hell, I swear
I would write poems of the life so fair
I would praise the gods and goddesses high
And most importantly, the life so nigh…

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