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I recently went through a breakup, which has been incredibly challenging for me. I loved my partner deeply, and since the breakup, I’ve been struggling to move forward.

I find myself constantly crying, and my thoughts are consumed by memories of our time together. This has caused me to lose interest in everything, to the point where I’ve even resigned from my job. My career feels like it’s in ruins because of this situation, and I’m overwhelmed by panic attacks.

I feel isolated, as I don’t have friends to confide in, and the pain has left me feeling shattered and depressed. Each morning, I wake up with thoughts of my ex, and it leads to a day filled with tears and despair. To make matters worse, my ex has blocked me from all communication.

I understand that these feelings are affecting my well-being and my ability to function. Please help me out

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Accept ur break up first. Stop having even a little hope of both of being together. Secondly… express all ur emotions and feelings out to someone. Third… Have patience. Give time some time. Time is the ultimate healer. U will definitely be fyn soon.

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anuj @anujvohra

Hey its tough. Pls take time to go through this. It will take time.pls try to rejoin in your company if possible or find a new one. Keep yourself engaged. Make friends if possible in your vicinity or online friends. Reconnect with family and college friends. I am sure you will come out quickly.

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Açha Bacha @soft_forest_2

You are going through some sad days of your life it will get over soon don’t worry for that second you wrote that you love him deeply but he didn’t it is clear that he doesn’t deserve deeply love by someone so don’t be sad for that and join any company so that your career growth will not get affected and just think like that he is not for that relationship in which he will get respect third your precious tears are for good person not for those who plays with feelings of others like your ex and fourth just don’t cry because you are strong and feel free to chat whenever you are sad or anything going in your mind keep your beautiful smile on your face.


Hope you are doing great this phase is going tough … But believe me after 6 months you will fell very happy with the decision you have taken
If people are not good for your mental health just leave them. Better to die once rather than dying each day

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Hi 👋 I love you


Gone is gone,day appears after every night,consider it as a dark phase of your life,start using the formula…Antecedent. …behaviour. …consequence. …find out on your own,you will definitely recover. …watch movies, write some quotes, go to your job ,enjoy the beauty of nature…otherwise contact counselor. .


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