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I recently saw this behind-the-scenes video of Saturday Night Live and how much goes into the entire episode they do every Saturday. The entire cast and crew works all week forming ideas, writing scripts, rehearsing, making costumes & wigs etc. On Wednesday nights, they sometimes make changes in the script, often the entire sketch changes and then everyone involved (the makeup, hair, cue cards, VFX departments) need to work extra fast and hard to keep up and get something ready for Saturday. The whole environment is extremely stressful and hectic throughout the week. I used to watch SNL skits and I never realised how strenuous and difficult it is to execute everything properly LIVE with an audience there and thousands of viewers watching from home. Each department is essential and respected. The people that work there have been working with SNL for 20-30 years and they’ve seen numerous celebrities perform, skits being changed at the last moment, and have shared so many memorable experiences with the whole team. Their job is clearly not easy to do. It seems nerve-wracking and there’s just so much pressure on everyone. It is definitely one of the most stressful jobs out there. But when you see the love and passion these people have for their work, whether it’s the writers, the producers, the editors, the actors, the cue card team, the hair stylists, the costume designers or anyone who works there, you realise that this is not hectic for them. It’s exciting, it’s a challenge. To put together a show at the end of the week, for an audience, live. And it’s truly motivating to see people put their hearts into the work they do. I’m a student currently and I hope, one day, whatever I do would be something I absolutely love doing, no matter how frantic, underrated or highly stressful that job might be. The one thing that would be my purpose in life, the reason for my being, my Ikigai.

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Such an amazing post. Thank you for posting this. It made me realise that we shouldn’t take things for granted and love the little things in life. Shouldn’t forget why you started something in life. And you are absolutely right about the amount of work that goes BTS which is not even visible to us. Kudos to these people for putting up a show every single week!!!


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