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I recently had my medical entrance exam. I did not perform very well. As I always had been a bright student my parents are disappointed in me. Specially my mother . She helped me prepare for the exam. Now she is saying that she is very ashamed of me. That I’m useless and can’t do anything with my life. My mom is very much influenced by my relatives. They have been calling continuously since my results have been out. It has been really really hard for me. I just wanna end this all. I have been in depression for almost 2 years but my parents don’t believe it. Suicidal thoughts are swamped inside my mind.

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn

Dear Anonymous,
The fact you were brave enough to try is incredible. Your mother seems to care more about your success than you. I think you need to go on the suicide help hotline. You can’t live with constant depression. It just isn’t healthy.

If you were to be suicidal after every failed exam, I bet…this would be your first failed exam so…sorry, I’m not the best at complimenting.

Best of luck. 🥰


NOOOOOO STOP OK suicide is not the answer, I had my engineering exams too and I didn’t do well either but this isn’t the end and parents…well let’s just say they always say things like these and ik it hurts but you can’t end your life over an exam, maybe your future is really amazing and maybe maybe you missed something or maybe this field ain’t for you at all, maybe you are made for something else and you dunno it yet


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