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I recently broke up with my boyfriend of almost a year. It hurts a lot and feels like hell. Even though both of us still love each other, I don’t think there’s any hope for ‘US’. He’s acting like he believes that we’ll never get back together and has sort of ruled out the possibility. Even though he tells me it’s not my fault, the reason we broke up was because I’m very impulsive and did something very stupid. Missing him, loving him and knowing that it ended because of me, all of it is weighing me down. What we had was amazing and I’m heartbroken that it’s over. My heart has broken before, because of him, even though it wasn’t really his fault. I gave him a second chance. I gave ‘US’ a second chance. And it was great. Now I feel like killing myself because it’s over. It’s the worst kind of pain for me and I don’t know how much longer I can hold myself together.

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I am not good at these situations too but I don’t let myself break at least you know what was the reason for break up i didn’t even get that bro the guy just stopped talking to never picked calls and no explanation and one day another girl was with him that day I knew i have to respect myself first and then others don’t let yourself break this be strong 💪 you can do this you can pulll thought this trust yourself do something that you really like to do make yourself busy make time for your close friends have a get together talk to them about your school life or anything whatever makes you feel better


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