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I recently broke up with my boyfriend
At the time he didn’t want to…we kept in touch even after breaking up.Now I don’t know why…even though I know i broke up for some reasons I just can’t get over…he seems to be moving on well
Earlier i was the one who suggested let’s be friends and all.Ab he is like let’s be good friends ya let’s not talk at all
I seriously don’t know what to do anymore…i dont feel like myself
I think the thi g that’s stopping me from cutting him off is i will be lonely and alone and will fall into depression, what should I do

off is i

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i think you should just find someone who enjoys spending time with you, and loves your presence, it doesnt have to b a guy , or a friend, it could be a family member, so you wont feel so lonely. talk to someone you can trust


Lol…he’s trying reverse psychology thing on you…


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