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I received a pretty dress. Everyone say it’s pretty and fit me well.
And damn, my mom must always be the only one ‘’ the dress is pretty but you’re too fat ‘’
I hate this. I was so sad, I wanted to burn this dress. She always must ruin everything, always must say how fat I am.
And Tbh, I think I won’t be able to wear it again. Suck when I just wear it twice.

I have fucking enough

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Nah I don’t think we should always believe what our parents say, you look beautiful just the way you are , don’t overthink about the dress or your mother,just wear it anyway or maybe ask your good friend’s.


I never think something can be reason of your sadness that you can change yourself. You are fatty but with some routine exercises & diet you can surely lose kgs of weight. You just need dedication & then you can be called pretty not dress.


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