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gunjan @gungunzxz

I really want to study hard and achieve my dream but I keep getting distracted
I donโ€™t know how hard I try but my mental health is never by my side it always comes in my way

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Jack Nicholson @phoneixzwh...


be persistent. I guess what has worked for me is showing up everyday irrespective of how you feel. all days wonโ€™t be the same. but some effort put in Daily is what will get you through

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EkKhoj @ek_khoj


Try this- study for 25 mins, take a break of 5 mins, continue studying 25 mins n take 5 mins break, continue this. Keep yourself from using things that distract you like phones, TVs etcโ€ฆ

Let me know if you need a way to concentrateโ€ฆ

Irrespective of all these tricks you will have to put your efforts for you to show results. Key is persistency, perseverance and concentration

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Mathew Vincent @mathew0311


" The Pomodoro Technique "

EkKhoj @ek_khoj


Thanks i did not remember it.

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goodvibein @goodvibein


You give yourself some time, everything will be fine, donโ€™t worry too much.

Keep Smiling ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Ujjwal @ujjwals


What exactly mental issue you face while studying?


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