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gunjan @gungunzxz

I really want to study hard and achieve my dream but I keep getting distracted
I don’t know how hard I try but my mental health is never by my side it always comes in my way

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Jack Nicholson @phoneixzwh...


be persistent. I guess what has worked for me is showing up everyday irrespective of how you feel. all days won’t be the same. but some effort put in Daily is what will get you through

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EkKhoj @ek_khoj


Try this- study for 25 mins, take a break of 5 mins, continue studying 25 mins n take 5 mins break, continue this. Keep yourself from using things that distract you like phones, TVs etc…

Let me know if you need a way to concentrate…

Irrespective of all these tricks you will have to put your efforts for you to show results. Key is persistency, perseverance and concentration

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Mathew Vincent @mathew0311


" The Pomodoro Technique "

EkKhoj @ek_khoj


Thanks i did not remember it.

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goodvibein @goodvibein


You give yourself some time, everything will be fine, don’t worry too much.

Keep Smiling 😊

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Ujjwal @ujjwals


What exactly mental issue you face while studying?


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