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A.n.o.n. @anon

I really want to see this movie but my parents would not accept because its an anime movie (heroes rising: Boko no hero) an my parents think anime is stupid and wrong and that, but i thought if i snuck out with my sister we could watch the movie while she goes out with friends, i dont know what to do now. on one hand i want to NOT disappoint my dad, and on the OTHER hand i want to enjoy my life like i want to. please help me on this one. Im not good on my own choices yet (im 13) but yeah, what should i do?

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Heyy,That’s absolutely okay! I mean I’m not your parent but I’m a 22-year-old and I would be okay with my child watching an anime movie. But the thing is, it isn’t up to me. What I’m trying to say is, watching an anime movie does not make you a bad person. But sneaking out, even with your sister, can worry your parents as they may be looking for you. I would suggest you try to talk to your parents about why they think anime is stupid and wrong, and you try and present your view about why you enjoy watching it. Is it very interesting/has great storylines etc/ whatever your reason might be, try to explain that to them. As someone who sounds pretty responsible at 13, I would just say that disobeying your parents about a movie is alright, it’s not a wrong thing. But don’t take that for granted. There might be other things that they tell you not to do, such as eating a lot of junk food may be, and the reason they tell you that is that it will affect your health. That means you shouldn’t disobey everything they stop you from doing. So, your best guess is hearing the reason they’re stopping you from doing something and if the reason sounds valid enough then you should listen to them.
Other than that, if your elder sister is with you and can take care of you and bring you back safely, then you shouldn’t feel too worried. Hope I’m not too late to reply, and I hope you enjoy/enjoyed your movie :)


I also struggle with parent issues too but I’ve come to realize that sometimes you got to be a bit selfish. Watching anime is just so harmless (I watch anime too). I would’ve agreed with your parents if they had a valid reason but parents often nitpick on the dumbest things. They like to think that they know what’s best for their kids most of the time but in reality, sometimes they’re just only taking away their kid’s hopes and dreams.
Here’s how I see things:
- If you’re not harming anyone then it’s okay. 
- It’s okay to disappoint them (Watching anime is harmless anyway). It’s just a movie anyway. You can’t make everyone happy. If you try to please everyone you’ll never find happiness. My mother is a great example of this. She tries so hard to make everyone happy but she always complains about how no one appreciates her.
- It’s your life. Not theirs. The only time you should not disappoint them is when it’s actually important. You’re still a kid so just enjoy it while it lasts.
I wish you the best of luck!


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