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I really want to forget the night I slept with this guy who never wanted anything to do with me. He pretended like he cared or had a interest in me to sleep with me. I keep going over the night he asked me to meet him, as I said no multiple times. And he wanted me to do it, and I regret it. I should’ve been more strong and held my ground against him wanting to sleep with me. I have more anger with myself.

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life is all about experiences of joy and pain , I understand your situation and not because I experienced it but coz its from one female to the other and all I want to tell you is that for every bad , there’s a good . So what I am trying to tell you is that don’t be mad at yourself and see this as a life lesson and don’t see it as weakness rather than see it as an opportunity to strengthen your courage and believe in a bright future that you can create! YOU CAN DO IT!


Just remember what you’d think after any action you’ll be fine

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@veoh112 u dont need to be sad if i left some one
take what ever u got in u r life has an experiences may be some better person is going to come in u r life so dont be sad and sleeping with a person and regreting it is waste of time now things ones which are done are done so let those memories leave form you and focus on the things which has to be rembered 😊😊


Hey @veoh112,

Don’t be so hard on yourself honey. There is nothing you can do now to change it rather than accepting what has happened. We are all humans and can’t be at the perfect state to judge a situation carefully all the time.
Now you know you can’t trust everyone. You can judge the next time another asshole comes your way and steer clear of such people. With time you will be able to forgive yourself. Right now process your feelings by either writing it down or you can always look up on Youtube for helpful videos. Then focus on yourself, on becoming a better version of yourself. You will heal for sure.
Also cut that jerk out of your life. Take care! πŸ˜‡


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