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1111mnfst @1111mnfst

I really want a job. I am looking past two months and haven’t found anything. I’m a post graduate and it’s frustrating to sit unemployed each and everyday . I feel so lost. Existential crisis is hitting hard. I’m tired of applying to jobs going through all the process and getting rejected at interview process each and every time. It’s so annoying. Feeling so hopeless. When will I get a job 🥺🥺. Manifesting ajob asap. Can’t live like this. Waking each day to anxiety and emptiness

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you will get soon


I understand your pain buddy. It can be a very challenging situation to be in. However, I know that you will make a breakthrough because you’re putting in appropriate effort every single day.

I just moved back home from the US after finishing my post grad - been 8 months without a job despite having a great background and experience. However, I show up everyday to make a mark by volunteering, learning new things, reading books to keep myself inspired.

Sending you good wishes 🙌🏼


Search work according to your skills.
Like in upwork Or feverr, these are some freelancer work websites.
Write blogs on quora… Until you get job.

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