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I really miss you. And i do i really wish things to go back to the way they were. I want you back in my arms back where we were. I really miss u. And i wish u miss me too. Mujhe mis karo yaar . I wish u could live me exactly the way I do. Kya tumko meri Kami nahi feel hoti? Or is it just me. I’m manifesting all ur love for me. I really am fed up of being in this grey area. I need u and ur commitment and your time. God please don’t take this away from me …i really love this person don’t ruin it for me

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Have you tried expressing all this to that person? What are their thoughts? If there’s no mutual feeling, don’t you think you would be walking in the dark? Ponder upon what you really want and if that would be reciprocated by any way, if not the exact


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