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I really miss my dad. Idk I hate everyone. Why does all of this happen to me. I see my cousins living happily or at least with both of their parents. If he was alive I would atleast had someone to say how stressed I am and can openly admit that I am not good living with grandparents. I really would like to see him if he could ever come back. I hate when others especially the aunts act like they can dictate everything in my life. Like they don’t even care for our emotions.

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I lost my father when I was in my 1st grade but no one told me that until my aunt yelled and told that to me in my inter. My parents are divorced and I never got to meet him. And for some reason I don’t even have memories or pictures of him… But I have my mother. It’s the same with you. Hug your mother maybe even she misses your dad. Tell her that you will be with her. And open up to her❤️


Thank you 😍😍

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