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I really like this girl and want to ask her out, but I have some doubts:

a. Shes a very emotional person, she may take something I say the wrong way. Me and her are in the same friend group.

b. I have absolutley no idea if she likes me back.

c. Not sure if/how Covid is gonna affect anything.

Please write any advice in the comments. Thanks a ton!

2 replies

Hey. I’m Isaiah. I have dated 3 people. I am in a very similar situation as you. My best advice would be to be smooth. For example try to be nice, and make her feel comfortable. If your town has a “center” or a general meeting place to hang out invite her there. Also, don’t put too much effort. It shows your very excited and exaggerated. Sometimes forcing her isnt the best way to go. Remeber to be funny. Use pick up lines as jokes, most of them are corny. Try to make her laugh as much as possible. That will make her feel comfortable. That’s all the advice I could give good luck :)


And, if she’s emotional try to stay away from touchy subjects like maybe personal stuff


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