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I really like him …I know he likes me too. We tried to be in a normal, stable relationship. But it ended in 4-5 months.
He said, being the eldest son, he has responsibilities upon his shoulders, and family always comes first. He is right, as the same goes for me.
We are still connected, I am still his closest and best friend, he says that I am more than a best friend to him, but never asks me to wait for him, but still I want to wait for him, and so I am doing it.
We have been friends for the past 9-10 years …I started to have feelings for him since 3-4 years, I am waiting.
But sometimes looking others made me feel very lonely, sometimes I feel like … enough this is the end of my patience, I feel sad. But after 2-3 days …I feel energetic again.
I don’t want to regret after 60 years of age …kya hota agar mai wait krti aur sahi samay aaney per…jab hum dono he independent ho gae tab chance kyu nhi liya…
I want to give one more chance to my love. I’ll never loose hope…first I’ll make myself independent, will make my parents proud, and when you’ll discharge your responsibilities…I’ll come to you again…💜💜💜

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God bless ✋



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Aakash @aakash_itis

Sab likha hua hai… May you get what yiu are wishing .


Lots of love


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