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I really just got this as a place to vent. Everything is horrible, I hate myself so much. I hate how I look and how I speak and everything.

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Kavya Ganesh @kavyaganesh

Hey there, that sounds like a tough way to live life. To a certain extent, I guess I relate to that. Those feels started for me when I was in 9th maybe, and have continued ever since, even though they have diminished in intensity for the most part.

I feel like that dislike I had for myself stemmed from the thought that it’s because of how I look and my personality that things aren’t going good for me. I’ve felt like an outcast quite a lot of times because somewhere along the line someone planted this thought in me that I’m ugly, and I eventually came to believe it.

Try to ask yourself why you hate yourself? Do you dislike things about yourself because people around you don’t seem to appreciate it? What are your ideals about how you want to look and be? When and where did you learn that these are what your ideals must be?

I want you to know that these feelings are tough, and they’re not easy to change. But I believe that the very fact that you choose to talk about this, that you’d like to do something about it, shows me that you have a good character, that you’re strong enough to try to change something. And for that, I’m proud of you. Keep fighting! Everything is going to work out in the end!

Lots of love <3 Take care!


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