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I really had high ambitions towards my career but it’s all just falling apart. Nothing is going the way I wanted it to. I’ve been trying so hard, but nothing is going right. I got a project in which I have no interest in since it doesn’t match my skill set and I’ve been waiting for so long to get into a project of my interest. Have been working sooo hard for that but still coz of my luck I got transferred to some totally different project. And the worst part is I can’t even come out of it. I’ve tried everything possible. It just hurts that even after trying so hard , we still don’t achieve things we like. It’s really sad. I so wish I could change any of this.

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Would you care to elaborate on some specifics about the job? This way people can give a unbias opinion and I’m sure that some outsiders perspective will be able to broaden your mind on why you feel so stuck with your own unique situation.


I was trained on certain high end technologies and I was supposed to be absorbed in one of these technologies. But then I had a unit transfer and they pushed me to something else which is using outdated technologies. And nothing of that matches my skill set. I tried to change my unit but sadly nothing could be done since the higher board had decided this. And now I’m into a project which isn’t gonna benefit me in any way since It’s a waste expect for that fact that I’ll just have some experience in it. I’m the type who works a lot to get places and I worked so hard but still I was pushed into something which has no scope. My friends who are least bothered about their career have got such good projects with good technologies. It’s not that I’m not happy for them. I am very happy that they have such a good opportunity. It’s just that I feel sad coz even after doing so much I’ve got nothing. And they got it easy without doing anything. I feel lucky is so important. Now my only way to get out of this is to leave the company after this bond gets over coz the unit I’m working in never lets unit transfer no matter what. So I cannot be even working in my dream company. Lol. Life is so unpredictable and sad.


It sounds like you have a few options. You could change job if you are that sick of it, or maybe you just feel unappreciated and there might be an opportunity to work harder and prove your positional worth in the company. Find a way to get in contact with the higher management in any way possible, there is surely a solution if you dig deep enough. At the end of the day how much you really want that role change is up to you. You can break your back trying to prove that you are worthy of a position if you really want to. I mean what’s stopping you? You are not gonna like to hear this and maybe you don’t agree at the minute but life is unfair sometimes and you shouldn’t feel entitled just because of the amount of work you’ve put in, you’re gonna draw the bad card sometimes. And yeah, maybe it hasn’t been picked up by the people around you about how hard you have worked, and that is causing you some frustration? Your other option is to learn fast about your new role, don’t be close minded in your skillset. Learn a new one! Even if it isn’t the one you think is best for you. Again show the people around you that you are willing to take on a new role on and prove that no task is gonna stop you from getting where you want to go. As for your peers, forget about what they are doing. Maybe in your eyes you think they have undeservedly attained higher positions with less work, maybe it is the case, maybe it isn’t. However, you comparing your situation to theirs isn’t doing your career any good. It’ll only create jealousy and resentment in the long term. So forget about what they are doing, maybe it is the case that they have worked harder than you have seen, although it doesn’t seem that way. You don’t see what happens behind closed doors. Patience and gratitude are gonna help you through this. How old are you? you are not in your dream job you say? Not a lot of people are! Bide your time, it’ll come if you put the pieces together. In the mean time focus on the present moment and enjoy the process and expect that it might take longer than you first anticipated, it’ll prepare you for hiccups that are to come in the future.


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